What Is Social Media?

What Is Social Media?

Social Media is a frequently used term that refers to websites or applications that connect people.  Users can share ideas, messages, and information like recipes or instructions.  In many cases, content like photos or videos is shared.  Read on to hear more about the more popular options.


You have probably already heard of Facebook.  It has come a long way since its early days as a directory for college students.  In addition to personal pages messaging, it handles groups, events, and a selling marketplace.  Hollywood even made it the subject of the movie The Social Network.  By the way, social networks are a subset of social media that allow friends, family, colleagues, and people with like interests keep in touch.


Twitter is a social network where users share posts, called tweets.  Each tweet can be a maximum of 280 characters.  It is used for a wide variety of things like breaking news, sharing, random conversation and even self-promotion.


Pinterest is a social network where you can follow other users.  To really explain what it is, we need you to imagine a cork pin board where you pin things you would like to display.  Users create many boards and pin things such as recipes, photos, drawings or anything else they want.  As people view pins they can also pin them to their own board.  One example is pinning a recipe to your own board to use later.


Snapchat allows users to share media such as photos and videos.  The media is available for a short time and then becomes inaccessible.  It is only available as a mobile application.  They have constantly changing filters that can make some fun photos.


Nextdoor.com is a social network that stays local.  Users are able to communicate with their immediate surrounding communities.  Neighbors can get to know each other, discuss local issues or even search for a babysitter.  It was a conversation on Nextdoor that prompted us to start Tech For Non-Techies.


Instagram was originally a photo app that allowed users to take photos, apply filters and then share.  It has grown to also run on a website and now includes videos.


Reddit is a website that is, basically, the largest online bulletin board.  Users will submit news, questions or topics for discussion.  The site is broken down into many different topics, called subreddits.


Quora is a question and answer site.  The community of users asks and answers questions.  Answers get votes that determine their ranking.  The highest ranked answers are displayed first.

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