Tech Jobs For Non-Techies

Tech Jobs For Non-Techies

From startups to giant corporations, tech jobs are in demand.  Luckily for non-techies, there are many jobs in tech that do not need coding skills or a tech background.  The skill in common across these jobs is that you need to understand what the product or software does and how to use it.

Product Manager

A Product Manager, or PM, works closely with customers and end users,  development teams, leadership teams, and any other stakeholders.  The PM is generally responsible for the product through all phases of the development cycle.  This includes defining product requirements or specifications, prioritizing those requirements and then continuing on through execution, release or delivery.  Most of all, the PM needs to know everything about the product.  This includes an understanding of how it is currently used and how it will be used in the future.  In some cases, the PM will also be responsible for market research, marketing, pricing and so on.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is also called a PM, but it is very different from a Product Manager.  The responsibilities of this role include scheduling, budgeting and overseeing all phases of a project.  There is a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification that could help in getting into this role.  A good PM is good at communication, good at multitasking and is very organized.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst, or BA, works closely with customers and development teams.  This role defines requirements by analyzing system problems and requested features or changes.  A good BA understands the big picture and is good at spoken and written communication.

Technical Writer

A Technical Writer usually creates and edits technical documentation.  This includes printed or online instruction manuals as well as requirement specifications.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing professionals can have a great home in tech.  The skills that make someone a good salesperson or marketer carry over directly to the tech world.  You just need to understand how to use the product.

As we said in the introduction, the skill in common with all of these jobs is understanding the product.  You do not need to understand coding or how to configure complex systems.  In addition, if you can communicate well by writing and/or speaking, you can succeed in these tech jobs.

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