Netflix Scam

Netflix Scam

Did you get a notification that you need to update your Netflix credit card information?  Keep reading to find out what to do about this Netflix scam.

What is going on?

There is a phishing scam going around that’s targeting Netflix users.  Here’s how it works.  The scammers show an error notification that your card was declined.  They don’t know if you have Netflix.  Their plan is to show that phony error to everyone.  Netflix has almost 55 million subscribers.  They have pretty good odds of stumbling into a few Netflix subscribers.  If you don’t have Netflix it’s easy to ignore, but if you do an error like that is alarming.  First, don’t click their Update Payment button.

What can you do?

Turn on Netflix.  Is it working?  If it is, you’re fine.  If you still want to check your account, go directly to the Netflix site or their phone app.  Look at your Account Info and then Billing Details.  You can view your previous payments and see when your next payment will post.  Verify that everything looks correct.

As a general rule when you get an email with a link or a pop-up alert, don’t click on it.  Open your browser and type in the address.  Once you’re on the site, make sure you’re using a secure connection.  This extra step only takes a few extra seconds, but it can save you from the headache of dealing with scams and fraud.

So you entered the information

If you entered the information, don’t panic.  Call your credit card company and tell them what happened.  Ask for a new card to be issued.  In a few days, you will have a new card.  When you get your new card, update Netflix and any other services that use that card with your new card number.


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