What Is Cord Shaving

What Is Cord Shaving

If completely cutting the cord won’t work for you, cord shaving might be the answer.  Cord shaving is where you don’t completely cancel your television package, but you downsize the plan to the most basic offered.  This can still give you money and may work better for your situation.

Why shouldn’t I just cut the cord completely?

If you are considering cord cutting, this is a good way to try it out.  All you need is a streaming device and a streaming plan.  A simple phone call is all that it takes to downgrade your television plan.  If you don’t like it, another phone call will usually restore your old television plan.  If you are grandfathered into a plan that’s no longer available, be sure to find out your options before actually making a change.

Cord shaving and cord cutting can cost the same

Sometimes you can get a bundled deal that is the same price or possibly cheaper than internet service alone.  Make sure you ask about specials or bundles that either save you money or give you more services for the same price.

Be sure you read the fine print on your internet plan.  Some companies give you a data allowance for internet-only plans.  You should be able to see your data usage on your bill.  If you use more data than your allowance, you will incur added fees if you drop your television plan completely.  Typically, keeping a basic television plan will change that allowance to unlimited.  If you have other options for internet service, it would make sense to switch to a provider that gives you unlimited data.  This might not be possible if you’re not in a major metro area and don’t have multiple possible providers.  If that’s the case, maybe cord shaving is better for you.

Channel availability is important

There may be a local new channel provided by the cable company that you can’t live without.  Perhaps there are sports channels that you can’t find through other streaming plans.  It’s possible to get a basic or skinny television package plus a sports add-on, instead of a huge plan.

Finally, you’re guaranteed to get all of your local channels with cord shaving.  None of the streaming services give you all local channels for live TV and some don’t offer them at all.   If you have tried out streaming live TV, you will have noticed that some local channels are only available on demand.  By keeping a small TV plan you can get all your local programming.  Alternatively, you can set up an antenna, but maybe you can’t get good reception on a channel you want to watch.  Cord shaving might be the answer for you.


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