Is Cord Cutting Worth It?

Is Cord Cutting Worth It?

Now that you have read our posts on cord cutting, you should have a pretty good idea of what it means.  If you want to cancel cable and get your TV shows another way, you have options, but is cord cutting worth it?  You can pick up free local channels using an antenna.  You can even record those shows using a DVR.  You can also use that DVR or another streaming device for streaming TV shows and movies over the internet.  To really decide if cord cutting is worth it, you need to see the advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages of cord cutting

One of the main advantages is the price.  If you are happy with the over the air channels in your area, it’s free.  You might already have a lot of streaming content available if you already have Amazon Prime. The cost of most services is significantly less than a cable bill.  You can get a lot of content for less.

If you like to watch video on your phone, tablet or computer then you are in luck since all the streaming options we have discussed can be used on any of these.  In some cases, video can be downloaded and watched later.  This is great because you can download it while you’re on a WiFi connection.  Once it’s downloaded you can watch it without using your mobile data plan.  You can even when you do not have mobile data available, such as on a flight.

Disadvantages of cord cutting

It is ironic, but the price is also one of the main disadvantages.  Because of the low-cost of each service, many people miss the fact that if you have too many the cost is greater than what you would pay for cable.

There are some initial setup costs.  You might need to buy and install an antenna.  If you live in an urban or large suburban area, then this should be easy.  However, if you are in a rural area you might go through some trial and error to find the right location for the right antenna.   Don’t forget to factor in the costs of a streaming device.

Sometimes cord cutting is complicated. or just annoying.  For example, when an app updates you might have to sign in again.  It might take two remotes to switch from watching local channels to using another device to stream video.  Depending on what streaming device you choose, the integration between apps might not be good.  In other words, it can be a little more work than what you will get from your cable company and you might have to tinker with the setup from time to time.

What Else Do I Need For Cord Cutting?

I have already mentioned that you need to have an antenna or streaming device.  You also need to keep your internet service if you plan on streaming video.  If you do not have a fast enough internet connection, then you will experience buffering.  Let’s say you are watching some video, but the video is not sending fast enough.  The video will pause until you receive enough of the stream to continue.  When your internet connection is too slow or congested the video will be an annoying stop-and-go ordeal.

Is Cord Cutting Worth It?

The real question is this.  Is cord cutting worth it to you?  Look at your specific situation to answer the question.  How much are you currently spending?  Do you already have some of these streaming services?  If not, do you want the exclusive content that some of them offer?  Can you get by with an antenna and over the air channels?

Answer those questions and look at the services we discussed.  If you find you are going to save $10 per month, but you have to do all the initial setup, it probably is not worth it.  Now, if you are going to save $100 per month, well that is probably worth it.  If it’s not worth it to you (or if you are not sure you want to tackle this now), then that is okay.  Look at it again in another six months to a year.  This environment is changing rapidly and we expect improvements as we go forward.

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