5 Ways To Save Money Buying Tech

5 Ways To Save Money Buying Tech

Buying tech can be tricky for, both, techies and non-techies.  Always upgrading can take its toll on your wallet.  Here are 5 ways to save some money and get the most out of your tech.

1.  Know Your History

Head to https://camelcamelcamel.com/camelizer and set up their Firefox or Chrome browser extension.  When you are viewing an item on amazon.com, you can click on the plugin to get its price history.  If it’s at its low, it’s a good time to buy.  Don’t worry if the price is high.  Create a price drop alert to tell you when the price drops to a better price.

2.  Shop Around

If you are buying tech, you have more options than amazon.com and Best Buy.  Online sellers such as newegg.com often have excellent deals.  Don’t forget the home improvement stores.  Home Depot and Lowes carry smart home products too.  You can probably save some time and go straight to price.com.  Type in what you’re interested in and they will take you to the site with the best price.

3.  Buy At The Right Time

Timing is everything.  If you have time to wait, the best deals of the year are around Black Friday and Amazon’s Prime Day.

4.  Check The Schedule

Most tech items follow a predictable schedule.  For example, you can expect a new iPhone model every year.  Do a search to find out the release date of the current model.  If it’s close to a year then maybe wait a little while.  A few weeks could be the difference between the latest and greatest and the soon to be obsolete.

This applies to all tech and not just iPhones.  You don’t need to memorize a schedule.  Do a search for the release date of the new model.  The first few search results will probably be news sites or tech blogs discussing when the new one could be released.  Check back here too.

5.  Consider Last Year’s Model

This method can save you a lot of money.  Wait until the new model is released and then buy the old one at a discount.  Still, check the schedule since sometimes they discount the outgoing model before the release of the new one.  The used market also gets active around big product releases with people unloading their old model to buy the new one.


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